Passive income the affordability curse

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Renegade Economists show 303 As broadcast on 3CR on Wednesday 21.08.13. Subscribe to the show Transcript Karl Fitzgerald: Property spruikers, spruikers, spruikers. Today we go into the heart of the battle zone, into one of the biggest property spruiking seminars in Australia. One of 15 tour stops for Dymphna Boholt. Dymphna Boholt: Hey guys, my name’s Dymphna Boholt, and I’m … Read More

Earth Sharing Mashup

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Jacob Schwartz-Lucas provides a useful overview to these themes, sampling a number of Georgist videos including Real Estate 4 Ransom and Fred Harrison’s Silver Bullet. Part 2

Renegade Economists 300th Show

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Renegade Economists 300th podcast As broadcast on 3CR radio, Wednesday July 31st. Listen here Subscribe to the free weekly podcast Transcript: Who Are Rising Property Prices Good For? Karl Fitzgerald: This week it’s back to the master blaster, Professor Michael Hudson. Michael Hudson, on our very special 300th episode of the Renegade Economists. We’re talking about the economic policy, “magic … Read More