Lehmann’s Case: Banker’s Duty of Care

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Renegade Economists podcast 255 Subscribe to the weekly 3CR podcast or listen live 5.30pm on 855AM (on the dial) or stream via here (top left hand side) Justice for the People, Not Banksters: Mayor Ken Keith (Shire of Parkes) & Prof Justin O’Brien from the Centre for Law, Markets & Regulation at UNSW discuss the Federal Court ruling that financial … Read More

Michael Hudson on Set up to Fail

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Renegade Economists Fifth Birthday – episode 252 Prof Michael Hudson discusses the state of modern economic warfare in a geo-political context. Is democracy dead? A special treat for our fifth birthday. Renegade Economists interview 05.09.2012 Interview with Professor Michael Hudson by Karl Fitzgerald Listen KF: We welcome to the show Professor Michael Hudson, Distinguished Research Professor at the University of … Read More

Michel Bauwens on Peer 2 Peer’s Mutual Alignment

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Renegade Economists Podcast 253 As broadcast on 3CR, Wed Sept 12th Subscribe to the weekly podcast. Michel Bauwens from the Peer 2 Peer Foundation discusses the ongoing revolution in open source activity. He presents evidence showing that peer 2 peer networking delivers the lowest cost format for information sharing and production. Listen in on this extended podcast edition. We discuss … Read More