Parasitical Economics of the New Guilded Age

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photo credit: euthman Renegade Economists Podcast 213 Subscribe to the 3CR podcast here or listen Wednesdays 530 – 6pm. Author Christopher Ketcham hits the forces of Monopoly Capitalism with an overview of how the market system became a host for greed. Recorded 06/12/2011 Host Karl Fitzgerald: out of the 25 largest cities in America, New York is the most … Read More

Housing Glut Interest

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Adam Schwab wrote up our fourth report on speculative vacancies in Crikey yesterday. Shortage or glut? Feast or famine? The question of whether Australia is suffering a housing shortage continues to be hotly disputed, with the real estate and construction lobbies arguing a desperate shortage exists, while other independent bodies, such as Prosper Australia, disputing the notion of a shortage. … Read More