Hudson on China’s Export Irrelevance

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photo credit: JosephLeonardo Renegade Economists podcast Professor Michael Hudson discusses the G20 plans (austerity for prosperity), natural monopolies as wealth extracting machines and China’s possible isolationist future in light of its increasingly useless trade surplus. Listen here Music by Lucky Dragon

Artists sick of living on borrowed time & borrowed land

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The Anti-Gentrification Festival, held in conjunction with Craft Cartel, kicked off on Sunday at The Birmy. Highlights included a talk from Earthsharing’s Karl Fitzgerald about land tax reform, a highly professional lagerphone making workshop directed by Alica Bee (she was colour coordinating the bottle-caps, this lady takes her lagerphone making VERY seriously) and a surprise performance by legendary poet Pi-O. … Read More

What Can’t Be Hidden from Revenue

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Phillipe Legrain First published in The Times as Tax land: it can’t be hidden from the Revenue Filling the gaping hole in the Government’s finances is, in George Osborne’s words, the “great national challenge of our generation”. Unwise spending cuts and tax rises could sap economic growth; unfair ones provoke political unrest; inaction a market panic. Faced with a national … Read More

Housing Investors Crowd Out Community

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photo credit: fMoya With auction numbers at record levels, it seems that the pursuit of the greater fool is well underway. Melbourne’s May auction levels were the highest on record and this coming weekend could see almost double the June average of properties up for sale. Yesterday’s ABS figures on housing lending shows how genuine home buyers are being increasingly … Read More