Chicken or Egg?

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photo credit: adjustafresh tohm Week #7 If there is one behaviour that infuriates me no end from all my lecturers it is the ‘nudge-nudge, wink-wink’ hint dropping as to what is important for exams. I have one clear cut competitive advantage as a mature age/return to studies student. I have had customers. As a result I’m already thinking about customers. … Read More

Steve Keen on the Renegades

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Steve Keen, winner of the Revere Award, was recently interviewed on the Renegade Economists. Listen to the interview, conducted during the midpoint of his Canberra to Kosciusko holiday. A little argy bargy makes for interesting listening. Once you have listened, read this post on China and credit restrictions. Apologies for the delay on getting this up, some technicalities occurred with … Read More

Caveats and Prejudices

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photo credit: Thoth, God of Knowledge Tohm Curtis Week #6: Caveats and Prejudices This week I’m going to twist a bit of military wisdom: ‘If the map doesn’t match the ground, the ground is wrong.’ It may be entirely the case that there is systemic bias to my criticism of my courses. For example, I can feel that my finance … Read More

Kindly Remove Your Fingers From My Heartstrings, Aussie Pollies, You Don’t Know How To Play Them.

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Have you ever heard the word ‘family’ bandied about so often as in the Government’s ‘response’ to the Henry Tax Review last week? I put the word ‘response’ in parenthesis because, as Alan Kohler so aptly pointed out on the ABC website, Henry’s comprehensive review and the Rudd/Swan tax ‘reform’ statement (sorry, our ‘leaders’ have driven me to parenthesis hell) … Read More