News Flash! Today Tonight report the obvious!

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photo credit: Patrick Hoesly I know! Shocking isn’t it? This evening, according to advertisements, they’ll be reporting on a matter almost as ground breaking as those stories we know and love along the lines of ‘Junk Food! It makes you fat!’, ‘Credit cards – they could put you in debt ‘ or any number of scintillating exposés on dodgy builders … Read More

Week #2: Can I have some Context?

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It’s week 2 and already I know I like my Finance subjects better than my Economics subjects. The key difference is: Context. I have a sneaking suspicion that Economists have made Economics far harder to teach (and understand) than it needs to be. For example ‘Marginal Propensity to x’ where ‘x’ can be ‘consume’ ‘save’ ‘tax’ etc. Surely there is … Read More

Melanesian Land Issues interview

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photo credit: M0les Renegade Economists podcast Joel Simo from the Melanesian Land Defence Group visited Australia recently via an Aid Watch. Listen to his interview on the Renegades here… In discussion with Green Left Weekly Joel says: Customary land title represents the majority of land tenure in Fiji and Vanuatu and provides locals with food security. This security provides certainty … Read More