Petition for Affordability

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The Rudd Government has reviewed the tax system. The Henry Review came out strongly in favour of capturing economic rents for the common good. Read our analysis of the report here and here. The Rudd Government has written off any serious reforms to issues relevant to housing affordability. Why tax $285bn from people daring to work but only capture $40bn … Read More

Diary of an Economics & Finance Student

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A new series on life as an Eco Fin student. Tohm Curtis Week #1 Welcome to the School of Thumbs: From the outset, what strikes me most is the recurring battle between standardisation & scepticism as befits education. Most of education is about standardisation, and the ‘Great Intellectual Fraud’ of the Bell Curve. VCE/HSC/SATs are all about normally distributing a … Read More

Pacific Resource Issues

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Read this innovative Helo Magazine interview. As a crisis journalism magazine, we were interviewed via a skype roundtable chat session: Part of the intro states: Can Pacific peoples bridge the world’s chasm between understanding cause and effect of climate change as well as coconut colonialism? Paradise, blue water, blue skies, abundant marine life, smiling faces, bible harmonies, simple lives, and … Read More

The Communication in Commons

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photo credit: NomadicLass Renegade Economists Podcast 131 As broadcast on Wed March 10th, 2010 on 3CR Subscribe to the podcast Show Notes: The Communication in Commons: Natalie Pang, Visiting Research Fellow, Nanyang Technology Co Uni (Singapore) discusses the evolution of the digital commons and what access issues we must be aware of. Read more of her excellent work: Wiki on … Read More

Drip Drip Land Supply

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photo credit: waferboard Land in Short Supply in Perth The Urban Development Institute says there are currently fewer than 1400 blocks of land for sale in Perth. .. But, the Real Estate Institute believes there are a lot of speculators sitting on land waiting for prices to improve before releasing them for sale. The UDIA is concerned that with 1200 … Read More