Event: Asset Bubbles Forever

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Tuesday March 2nd, 6.30 – 8pm Phil Anderson With land prices increasing $766 a DAY in the December quarter, Phil Anderson will analyse economic prescriptions and asset bubbles. Are bubbles essential for banking liquidity? Who is meant to borrow this credit and for what? Phil Anderson, Director of Economic Indicator Services and author of The Secret Life of Real Estate, … Read More

Gen Y Housing Market Sleeper Election Issue

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photo credit: dbgg1979 Today’s Crikey had this corker: The housing market: Ben Loiterton writes: I am hoping you are alert to a gigantic sleeper issue building up steam in the community, although I haven’t seen any commentary from you at all. The issue is the alienation of the entire younger half of the population from the housing market as the … Read More

Sustainability’s Transition Decade

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Taking our lead from a superb weekend of discussions amongst a gamut of switched on thinkers at the Sustainable Living Festival, Karl Fitzgerald and Andy Moore presented the Renegade Economists live from the event. During the show we ran through a dream list of predictions for a Transition Decade to sustainability Listen to the show (right click to download) as … Read More

Goldman Sachs Manipulates Monopoly Powers in Greece

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photo credit: mescon The merchant banker’s millionaire formula has been exposed yet again, this time in Greece. A country whose public finance mechanism has been undone over decades of lobbyocracy was left with little choice but to sell off its crown jewels. It has been widely reported that Goldman Sachs helped create off sheet balance accounts where finance was provided … Read More

Free TV Handout Outrage

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photo credit: OiMax Not only has the public re-organised spectrum space for the broadcaster’s new channels, but we’ve also gifted a rebate on their licensing fees! Some sort of Digital Dividend, Mr Conroy! A dividend for whom? Where will the missing $200 – $500m p.a come from? The broadcasters should be paying more for the added access to the commons, … Read More