Anatomy of the GFC

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Date: Thursday July 23rd Time: 6.30pm Venue: Frank Halkyard Library, 1/27 Hardware Lane, Melbourne Speaker: Bryan Kavanagh, Research Associate, LVRG Few predicted the GFC, but Bryan Kavanagh did way back in 2001. Greenshoots? How bad WILL the Global Financial Crisis be? Why did our economists fail us? What’s the future of real estate? Come and hear Bryan Kavanagh dissect “The … Read More

Fishy Money Fingers

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photo credit: malakins Renegade Economists Podcast 98 As broadcast on the freedom of speech machine at 3CR – Wed July 15th Subscribe to the podcast Show Notes Fishy Money Fingers: Ben Bowman from Food and Water Watch (USA) discusses the Lehman Bros influence in privatising West Coast fisheries – 2000% returns are on the cards for some. What does this … Read More

Goldman Sachs intrigue

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Author of Inside the Great Economic Bubble Machine, Matt Taibbi speaks on the Goldman issue. Check the Hudson talk on Max Keiser (below) to hear about the million trades per second software stolen from Goldman Sachs and how a chance question reveals the ability of the big boys to manipulate markets. Spice up your life by reading some of the … Read More

Re-Invasion Land Grabs

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Renegade Economists Podcast 97 As broadcast on the almighty 3CR on 8 July, 2009 Subscribe to the podcast Show Notes: Re-Invasion Land Grabs: Elder Michael Anderson from Euahlayi Nation discusses the intervention into indigenous lands, discussing how this blatant land grab relates to genocidal actions. Some new developments on the intervention virus are spreading. Related reading from the National Indigenous … Read More

Are We Paying Too Much for the Great Australian Dream?

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photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography Adam Schwab from Crikey: In one of the more remarkable occurrences, residential property, despite macroeconomic indicators to the contrary, has been an incredibly resilient asset class this year. In fact, the “affordable” sector of the property market is trading at record high levels, while auction clearance rates in major cities remain above 70 percent (in … Read More